Braining on baby space

I thought initially that there might be enough room on the bed platform for me and the wife and our toddler. After my initial voyage with the bed platform in place, I realized that wasn't going to make for restful nights while sleeping all of us in the van. So...

I will try a simple piece of plywood to go over the seat, and some way to block access to the front if/when the monkey gets up and starts to "explore" before we are up. On any given morning he is awake about 5am. I am hoping we can get him to sleep in longer, as our campground neighbors are probably not going to appreciate a kid running around before the sun comes up.

Some dimensions to take into consideration:

  • crib mattress 29" x 53"
  • width of bench seat
  • height of bench seat top
  • distance from bench back to back of front seats
  • width between front seats

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