May 2, 2017 ... The adventure begins

More or less on a whim, I bought this beautiful beast. Scarlet is an 1998 Ford Econoline E350 Club Wagon XLT. She's running a 6.3L V10 with 130,000 miles and can carry 15 passengers.

And she smelled like cigarettes.

I bought this van for $5000 with the intention of taking the family on a series of road trips. We have 3 kids, one of whom is a 15 year old who was a 6'3" when I bought it. Now he's 6'5". There was a bench for each of the childrenses, the other 2 being a 3 year old and a 13 year old, which as anyone who has taken family roadtrips will attest, is the perfect ratio of of bench seats to kids for extended driving time.

As I handed over the cash to the dealership, I imagined all the adventures that Scarlett would take us on. I didn't let the fact that I'd just spent all the money we might have used for those adventures on this van douse my euphoria at having this blank slate of a vehicle to make my own.

Here we are, 7 months later, and I've been struck with an overwhelming urge to transform Scarlet from that fleet vehicle into a camper. This is where I will document that transformation, share links to camper conversion, RV, and vanlife blogs and resources, and chronicle our travels with pictures and narratives of the places we visit.

On we go...

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