Transformations Phase 1

Deconstruction and bed platform/storage

This is the foundational effort, removing the brittle, cigarette-smoke-infused, 20 year old plastic covering on the walls, the carpet, and headliner.

With the carpet and plastic wall covering removed, I built a platform for the bed. I wanted the frame to accommodate the height and width of the 27 gallon storage bins I buy at Costco for storage under the bed platform. I also wanted the platform to have hinged lids that made the space under accessible, and which allowed the middle section to be made open for walking through.

The bed platform ended up being about 75" long by 71" wide when all the pieces came together. The space underneath is about 20" high. The frame is attached to the van body at several points and is very sturdy. The storage bins can slide under the platform out through either end of the widest part of the platform, or be lifted out of the middle or right (looking from the back of the van) sections with the lids opened. The layout and dimensions worked really well on the first camping trip.

Thoughts and Observations

  • Ultimately, I want to build the bed platform to be fold up, so when we want to put the bench (or eventually swivel bucket) seats back in, we can move the bed platform out of the way. I envision something akin to a murphy bed. Or something like this. This will be phase 2.
  • The 4x4 posts are probably overkill. I have seen legs of equivalent strength built with steel pipe and plumbing flange.

Commence GUTTING!
The frame starts to take shape.

Locking in the dimensions.
Lids added.

"Single sleeper" mode.

Futons are a perfect fit! Nearly a king size sleeping area.

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