Weekend musings - 12.30.2017

I might have an Amazon Wishlist problem.

As I research more options and strategies for Scarlet's build, I have found that I keep going back to Amazon to add various items and materials to my wishlist. The problem is that it only highlights the fact that I cannot afford to buy all this stuff NOW. Instant gratification bring-down!

Not being able to afford to buy stuff does help me refocus on what I can do now to prepare for the time when I do have a little disposable money to invest in Scarlet's transformation.

For instance, I've not yet finished stripping out the headliner, plastic trim, and carpet. I know that fuming over money is unproductive and just breeds resentment, so I am trying to put that energy towards the prep. I still need to do a thorough wipe=down of all the surfaces that have been covered by the plastic and remove the build-up of dust over the 20 years that Scarlet has been in service.

I also need to measure things out... like REALLY document the dimensions of the van so I can accurately work out the cost of materials and space utilization. I can pick up some butcher paper for fairly cheap (skip a meal out to afford it?) to start making templates for flooring and window insulation. I have the Reflectix and foam core insulation for the windows, but without templates to cut it all down, those things do me no good.

Another benefit of the built in pause in gear and materials procurement is the valuable time for ideas to marinate. I am still in the phase of discovery where a new idea pops up, and consequently supersedes, previous ideas. If I had unbridled purchasing power, I would have a van full of hardware and materials that become irrelevant a day before they even arrive. As I collect ideas and techniques, the onslaught of revisions in my head will subside and I will settle into a strategy that sticks.

In other news... I finally got a chance to test an OBD-II reader I bought a couple months back on Scarlet to see if I could figure out why she stutters when going uphill at the lower range of RPMs. Turns out there is an issue (P0401 OBD-II Trouble Code: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Malfunction), but I don't know if it's causing the problem I am having. Not a big deal, and nice to know I have a bit of tech that can help me figure out what's ailing her.

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