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The Scourge of River Life!


I knew this would probably happen. I just wasn't prepared for the speed with which the damn mold has infiltrated our dear Scarlet!

I blame the partially shut front passenger door and the leaky window seal on that side. This is the first winter we've had the van out here, but clearly I can't assume it's not going to be an ongoing problem without tightening up the seals and adding vapor barrier.

I shudder to think what's going on with the seat fabric. Or the vents. Ugh.

Picking a direction...

If only this were a story about having a built out van and all that was left to do was pick a direction and drive... but it isn't.

I've been letting the thoughts about how to proceed with the initial framing of the bed platform so that it can accommodate having a second bench seat. Really, the goal is to have a platform that can be torn down and taken out in less than 30 minutes, without the need for tools.

This seems like a tall order, with conflicting parameters. I want a sturdy frame, yet one that can be removed with minimal effort for the purpose of having that space available. We don't have the luxury of owning a single purpose vehicle yet. I need to be able to haul stuff (Scarlet is my pickup, for all intents and purposes), and people, in varying proportions. I struggle with the prospect of reducing function in one arena by putting more emphasis on another.

I only want it all, is all.

So, to achieve this flexibility of function with Scarlet, I've been looking at …